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Services To Help You Find Your Match.



ALL Matchmaking Consultations

(limited time September offer)

*In Depth Discussion of Needs, Wants and Desires in a Partner 
*Discussion of past relationships, love languages, dealbreakers, internal attributes and physical preferences.
*Background Checks to be conducted

All Matchmaking Packages Include:
*Consultation with N.Y.A. Love
and Dating's Spiritual Life Coach

* Complimentary Photoshoot

* Makeup/Grooming in preparation for the Photoshoot

*  Meet one on one with a Professional Stylist

*Monthly check-ins (as needed by client)

*Dating Advice

* Your Personal Virtual WingWoman

*Free entry for all Gold Clients to ALL Singles events. 

*3 Package Options to Choose From* 
🖤Gold 🖤Silver 🖤Bronze

*Bronze Package starts at $7,777*

*Details of each package will be discussed during the consultation. Payment plans are available with a minimum non-refundable deposit of $1,000

Honest & Direct
Love and Dating Advice

Such as:

*Moving on after a breakup

*Stepping back into the dating scene

*Intimacy Issues

*Dating App Assistance

*Anything that's on your heart.


(Please note that I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. All advice will be given from the heart and based on personal experiences from myself and others- in addition to my own opinions. I will always have your best interest at heart and will recommend therapy from a licensed professional if I feel it's necessary.)

1hr 30 min -> $333.00

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