Services To Help You Find Your Match.

 Matchmaking Consultation
1hr 30 min -> $155.00

*In Depth Discussion of Needs, Wants and Desires in a Partner 
*Discussion of past relationships, love languages, dealbreakers, internal attributes and physical preferences.
*Background Checks to be conducted
All matchmaking packages include an additional consultation with N.Y.A. Love and Dating's Team Life Coach. The goal is to do our best to ensure that your heart is in a good place and that you are ready to begin to receive the love that could be in store for you.

(Please note that all other package prices and details will be discussed during consultation)

3 Package Options 
🖤Bronze 🖤Silver 🖤Gold
Honest & Direct
Love and Dating Advice

Such as:

*Moving on after a breakup

*Stepping back into the dating scene

*Intimacy Issues

*Dating App Assistance

*Anything that's on your heart.


(Please note that I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. All advice will be given from the heart and based on personal experiences from myself and others- in addition to my own opinions. I will always have your best interest at heart and will recommend therapy from a licensed professional if I feel it's necessary.)

1hr 30 min -> $255.00

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