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Get To Know Our Method!

  • Consultation via video chat for 1 hour.

  • Each experience is customized to suit a client's needs.

  • I get to know you more in depth.

  • Photo verification and background checks. 

  • Questionnaire and Love Language Analysis

  • Virtual Guidance 

  • Identifying dating patterns

  • Planning for the future / relationship goals

  • Gain perspective

  • 3 Packages to choose from​ (payment plans available)

  • Photo exchanges and advocacy

  • Both parties agree to the match​

  • Introduction via Zoom or In Person Dates if both parties are local.

Why Do I Need a Matchmaker?

If you are anything like me, then your time is valuable. Needing a matchmaker does not make you desperate. Sometimes, you are simply too busy to sift through the number of singles available to decide who is ready and worthy. Dating is a full-time responsibility. It can be frustrating and at times overwhelming. I get it.

What I offer is time. More time for your own life, career journey, hobbies and personal health. I will always do my best to ensure your specified standards are being met, I just ask that you are PATIENT and TRUST THE PROCESS.


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Come As You Are,
Get What You Need.

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